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Manufacturers of award winning ThruScan® MultiZone Security Metal Detectors, Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD), Hand-Held Metal Detectors (HHMD) professional electronic security equipments and micro-processor controlled Vending Machines. Professional, vending machines manufacturers and vending business experts.
“ThruScan®” weapons detector, a world brand in security metal detection! Researches on underground metal detectors and explosives metal detectors highlight the importance of security metal detectors.
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Address Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone
M. K. Ataturk Blv. 23 Cigli 35620 Izmir / Turkiye

Larger Wiem
Phone +90 232 376 7300
Fax +90 232 376 7030
Skype Elektral
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REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION, SUPPLY OF WALK-THROUGH METAL DETECTORS TENDER RELATED WALK-THROUGH METAL DETECTOR TEST RESULTS (2009) Concerning ECAC Criterias, approved 3 Companies eligible which are Ceia Spa (HI-PE Plus) with direct international offer and Agents for Rapiscan (Metor 200 HDe ) along with the Manufacturer ELEKTRAL A.S. (ThruScan sX-I)    :::    Elektral® A.S. has been awarded the tender of 1700 pcs Super Sensitive Hand-Held Metal Detectors supply tender of Turkish Armed Forces General Command of Gendarmerie    :::    Elektral® A.S. has been awarded the 71 pcs Walk-Through Metal Detector Tender for the supply of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   :::    Elektral® A.S. has been awarded tender of 63 pcs Walk-Through Metal Detectors of National Development Bank – NDB / EGYPT with a rapid increase in the Egyptian Market.    :::    Elektral® A.S. has been awarded the Walk-Through Metal Detector Tender of ISKI (Istanbul Municipality Water & Sewer Services Authority).    :::    Elektral® A.S. get started with the Vending Machine Production Line and delivered 50 + pcs Mini Buffet Vending Machines to Azerbaijan.    :::    FORMULA 1 Turkish Grand Prix Istanbul 2005.    :::    Elektral® A.S. The official supplier of UNIVERSIADE 2005 Olympic Games-Izmir.    :::    Elektral® A.S. The No 1 Company among the Shining Stars of the Turkish Export World under e-export category in the year 2004.    ::::::   
+ 90 232 376 7300 (pbx)